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We look forward to working with you in this new program.

This program will be top notch and will put SMART Park Owners and Mobile Home Investors together so they can both beat this recession and get better returns. 

This program is a win-win-win (consumer, park owner, and home investor).

How the Program Benefits the Consumer

In addition to providing affordable housing to consumers who are desperate for it, the Mobile Homer benefits the customer in other ways:

By enjoining the park owner into the process, you have helped close the circle with everyone being on the same page. In the old days, the park owner was often hostile to the Lonnie Dealer, thinking that they were importing bad tenants into their community. As a result, the park owner would often “ride” these tenants with over-zealous rules and collections methods. The Mobile Homer puts everyone on the same team.   

By focusing on the amount that your customers can afford, you help ensure that the resident does not exceed what they can actually afford, thereby giving them peace of mind, and their kids a sense of security. It’s a shame that the stick-built home market did not share such a goal.

By keeping the amortization short, you help ensure that the owner will get the home paid off and establish an asset for themselves, as well as enjoy lower housing cost in less than 7 short years. This is a great win/win for the consumer.

By watching over the quality of the home, as described in the program, you make sure that the customer has clean, safe housing at a very affordable price.

The Mobile Homer truly is a tremendous opportunity for the customer, and should be treated as such. Your reward, as the seller, will be a phone endlessly ringing with demand, and customers who can afford their payments and stick to the end of the contract. Not to mention the many families that you have put on the road to home ownership.

How it Benefits the Mobile Home Investor/Dealer

Doing Mobile home deals, under the guidelines established in the course can be enormously profitable. In addition, using the system we show you, it can be relatively stress-free and enjoyable.

By bringing the park owner on-board, as a member of your team, you have an ally who has 24/7 visibility of your property and tenant (buyer). You no longer have to feel isolated and powerless to monitor what’s going on with your property. In addition, it establishes fairness, since the park owner has to share in the pain and well as the profits at all times on the home.

And by basing the business model on real, tangible economics and strategies, it is structured on reality and realistic results. Under the old business model, you had a much lower chance of even recouping your investment. Under this new business model, you have a very low chance of failure.  Sure, in any investment, you have a chance of not making your goals.  But under the Mobile Homer model, you have a math formula of 2+2=4, instead of constantly trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.

This business plan has been built on the lessons learned of buying and selling over 400 mobile homes in parks across the U.S.  It is fundamentally sound and tested.


How it Benefits the Mobile Home Park Owner

When you fill a lot in a mobile home park, the benefit to the park owner, based on a standard valuation of a park at a 10% cap rate, is sizable. At a $250 per month lot rent ($200 per month net after expenses), this increase in valuation is $200 x 12 x 10 = $24,000.  We are assuming that the cap rate is 10% and that $200 is a net of expense number.

In addition to an increase in valuation of $24,000, the park owner also enjoys a cash flow of $200 per month for each occupied lot, without any capital cost in the home that sits upon it.

Contrary to what park owners may tell you, there are virtually no new mobile homes moving into lots in mobile home parks these days. Back in 1999, there were as many as 400,000 mobile homes manufactured in the U.S., of which 75% were singlewides that went into parks. Today, there are under 100,000 mobile homes manufactured in the U.S., of which less than 50% are singlewides that might go into parks. That’s a decline from around 300,000 new homes into parks in 1999 to less than 50,000 today – about an 80% decline!

The most common way that a new home moves into a lot today is when a park owner buys it himself. That costs the park owner capital – an item most park owners lack after making the significant investments in the parks that are required.

So every time you bring a home into a park under the Mobile Homer program, you are making the park owner a significant amount of money. Never let them forget this!

You are not asking the park owner for much in return for making them a huge amount of money. In fact, there are plenty of park owners out there that would love to work with you!  And Frank and Dave are some of the most workable park owners there are around!

How the Structure with the Park Owner Works.

The park owner is getting a great deal by you simply bringing in a home, or retaining an existing one in their park. The motivation for them to work with you is already on the table.

What you are asking in return from the park owner is in no way a ridiculous request. All you want them to do is be on your team, so that the relationship between you and the park is not all one-sided. We live in a new era of win-win negotiating, and without the park owner agreement, as part of the NEW program, you are structuring a win-lose deal – with you on the losing end.

There are some park owners that are particular about the homes that come in as well as having a tough screening process and they will be hesitant to just let someone start buying and selling homes.  However, there are ways to work with these park owners as well.  The basic premise would be that you would buy the home and instead of selling it to the future resident, you sell it to the park owner on the same terms that you would sell it to the resident.  Then the park owner would take care of the rest.  You have the home as security, the park owner guaranteeing the payment, and relatively little time involved in the whole process.

In the course we will go over in detail what you will be expecting from the park owner:

Here are a couple of examples:

1) No rent during the period in which you remodel the home – and nothing due until you sell the home for the first time. There is no reason you should pay lot rent while you are getting the home ready to sell, nor while you are marketing it to sell. Since the home sitting on a vacant lot costs the park owner very little to nothing at all other than opportunity cost – and without you there’s no opportunity.

2) No rent during any period in which the home sits vacant between tenants. You hope that the first buyer sticks until the end, but there’s no guarantee and the reality is that many buyers default before the end of their mortgage. As a result, you may have periods of vacancy after the initial sale is completed. During any vacant period, you are not asking much of the park owner to let the rent be abated during these down times. You are asking them for very little and at the same time you are  providing them with substantial economic gain during the rest of the time.

I think you would agree that this is a small request for the amount of money/equity you are creating for the park owner with your home.


We have spent countless hours trying to dissect the old system of buying and selling mobile homes that was made popular by Lonnie Scruggs in Deals on Wheels.  As mentioned before we do believe that there is more potential in making bigger profits in buying and selling mobile home parks.  However, not everyone has $100,000 or more to buy a mobile home park and we know that many people out there would satisfied with double digit returns on their investments and at the same time we are ultimately filling that void of affordable housing.  And we think if you follow this program and don't cheat and cut corners you have a good shot at these double digit returns.

Lonnie Scruggs laid the groundwork for the Lonnie Deal and our goal with our program is to take out much of the risk and increase the profits for the mobile home investor by creating a partnership with the mobile home park owner.  This plan is definitely feasible as we are putting our own mobile home parks into the program and will set a standard of how aggressive the park owner can be in working with the mobile home investor. 

So using the basic strategies outlined above, we believe there is opportunity in this concept for both the park owner and the mobile home investor, but only based on the business model we have demonstrated.

If you were to go into this business on your own without some type of partnership with the park owner, you odds of success are limited and your chances for failure are increased.  As park owners and educators in the industry, we have had numerous sad meetings with folks who have failed under the traditional model and have ended up walking away from homes or selling them for a pennies on the dollar.

The Mobile Homer business model is based on the reality of affordable housing, and the shortage there of, sprinkled with the pathetic lack of funding available by institutions in this arena, and then blended with the inclusion of the park owner.

Is it a window of opportunity that will soon close, or will it be open in perpetuity? We don’t know.

If you follow the concepts and systems shown above and in this program, and then start striking relationships with park owners whether it be Dave, Frank, or the park in your city, you should be able to produce good, and sometimes sensational, returns on investment from used mobile homes.

Frank Rolfe & Dave Reynolds

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For Mobile Home Park Owners:


150 Page eManual


Downloads of Forms and Checklists


One Year Access to the Mobile Home Park Investors in the Program


One Year Listing as an Approved MH Park


Access to Mobile Home Deals


Access to Wholesale Pricing on New Manufactured Homes


Access to our Resource Directory - best and cheapest place to buy skirting, doors, etc

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