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Contact Information Trish Pacheco
Park Location Pontoon Beach, IL  
Maximum Home Size Doublewides and Large Singlewides  
Lot Rent $250  
Quality of Park Good  
Lot Sizes 50x100  
Age Requirement of Homes 10 yrs or Newer  
Lot Spred Delta ( $495-Mthly Lot Rent) $245  
What Utilites do the tenants pay GEW  
Average Cost of Utilities    
What cash incentives are you willing to give someone moving in $4,000 MI  Plus $ 25 off lot rent  
Reduced Rent or % after Home Sold Yes  
For How Long As Long as Mobile Homer owns  
Will you offer No rent if Vacant Yes - Free for 1 month  
Offer "Done for You" Yes  
Do you have homes for selling or giving to investors Selling  
If so, how many 20  
Terms $2,000  down  
Are there homes for sale in the park Yes  
Average Home sale price in park $20,000  
Do buyers typically pay cash or terms  Terms  
Average 2 bd Apartment rent $850  
Average 3 bd Apartment Rent $1,00  
How much of a down payment do you est. buyers have $ 2,000  
How many calls per wk do you get for home- rent or sale 10  
Are there many homes for sale in your market Yes  
Describe average price of homes 1970-2000 1-4 bdrm    
Is there someone onsite Yes  
Manager or Owner Manager  
Will they - Show Homes Yes  
Sell homes Yes  
Collect Rents Yes  
Rehab homes would consider  
Credit Background checks Yes  
Are you willing to Purchase home notes if needed Yes, Homes  

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