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Contact Information Jef Touchberry
Would like to invest: North West Georgia
What level of involvement Buy, Sell, Done for You
How many homes are you looking for #10
Price range of homes $ 2,000 - $ 5,000
Are you a dealer or have your dealers license? No
Do you currently own any homes Yes
Would you consider moving them Yes
What would it take for you to move them Need to complete the rehab on the home I would consider moving
How many homes One right now
Location of homes Northwest Georgia
Average age of homes 10 years
What incentives are you looking for Any that would make it a win-win situation.  I am flexible
Describe your ideal scenario with a park owner as a partner I would like to find a situation where I could partner with a park owner.  I have a goal of becoming a park owner in 5 years.  Right now I am concentrating on buying land / home lots outright-free and clear - not financed.  I have 2 currently - goal is 10.  Because of past credit issues I cannot get loan outright so I have to save money up to buy outright.  That is the only thing keeping me from owning a park now.  Basically I have decided to have a 10 unit "park" one lot and home at a time.

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