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Contact Information Jaymie
Would like to invest: Scott County / etc  Minnesota
What level of involvement Buy, Rehab, Sell and Done for You
How many homes are you looking for 1 - 2 per month
Price range of homes $ 0 - $ 10,000
Are you a dealer or have your dealers license? No
Do you currently own any homes Yes
Would you consider moving them Perhaps
What would it take for you to move them Cash Incentive / No Lot Rent until sold or in the event of vacancies between tenants
How many homes 2
Location of homes From AZ / MN
Average age of homes late 70 - late 80
What incentives are you looking for Lot rent during rehab, selling cycle or in-between tenents is the biggest challenge - especially if a struggling park ( below 75% coccupancy) wants someone to invest in MH in their park.  I need to be seen as an assets to the MHP and be treated as such.  Looking for a MHP with honest owner / mgr.  Define the parameters for a win/win relationship and repeat over and over.  I would like to retain title in my business name and do lease option vs "rent to own" - so I can capture depreciation and other acct benefits of lease option and remove tenant faster in the event of non payment.
Describe your ideal scenario with a park owner as a partner A)  Park does rehab and finds buyer - I then Purchase notes from Park after buyer is in place for 90+ days.  Prefer a term with 3+ years remaining, 14%+ interest.  Park often has 50% equity the day the MH is sold to buyer - I will pay 50% plus for the note (to free up their captial) - I will pay higher if the MHP will assist with rehab if tenant defaults before end of note or if interest on note is 18%

B)  A good MHP that will inform me of available MH for sale - help show and sell and keep me informed re the MH and tenant.  I will rehab and carry the note from day 1.  Free lot rent during inital rehab and any future rehab or vacancy.

C) I'm flexible.  If a MHP owner and manager are upfront and tell me how I can help them - and they are willing to help me I would be happy to shift more business their way.

D)  I would consider "Done for You" in other / additional georgraphic areas.

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